Web Designing Trends

Web design is more of an art than science; therefore, it is difficult to deduce any clear-cut formula to get an amazing design. Strangely, some patterns are recognized easily as they seem to reappear time and again. You may call them popular designs; however, from the industry perspective, they are referred to as design trends.
Various design trends have gained our attention and through this post we have tried to focus on some of those popular trends that have gained massive recognition from modern web designers.
This year, a number of new styles and layouts have emerged making way for novel concepts and ideas.
Let’s have a look at some of these new trends.
Long Scrolling Sites
The early part of this year has seen a great increase in long scrolling websites. Apple showed us the path with its iPhone 6 page, which made us learn how to compile a lot of information under a single roof in a sleek and persuasive manner.
This trend has become really popular and is likely to stay for long because the way how the internet is accessed nowadays has undergone a drastic change. Smartphones and Tablets have replaced desktop computers. People find it easy to scroll instead of clicking small links to navigate from page to page.
Split Screens
The Split-Screen layout makes for another interesting design trend popular with web designers. In this style some kind of vertical break divides portions of the page into two or more parts. This kind of layout can be ideally used by the companies wanting to promote two valuable products, services or angles. While this design probably doesn’t work for everyone; it has carved a place for itself and has been quite an effective tool for web designers and businesses.
Parallax Scrolling
CSS3 and HTML5 are the new face of technology that has provided exceptionally sophisticated capabilities to the designers.
Parallax Scrolling is quite in vogue and a hit among modern designers. The technique involves making the background of the website move more slowly than the foreground as a result of which the onlooker experiences a captivating 3D effect giving depth and sharpness to the site.
It is difficult to say for how long this trend lasts, but at the moment the creative companies are bewitched by this form of layout.
Your website can prove to be a good medium for storytelling. Various brands, businesses and organizations have realized this fact and have started working on it. Gone are the days when only the content used to narrate the whole story. The horizon has widened a bit and the stories have found a new way of depicting themselves, through layout, specific web design elements as well as navigation.
The common thread is that each site gives users the ability to interact with various visual elements; usually by moving your mouse over an icon.
Staying at the top
With each passing year, trends continue to change. It is not at all recommended to merely copy what everybody else is doing; however, it will be prudent if you learn new techniques and strategies from successful designers. The web design industry has gained momentum over the past few years and it is advisable that a web designer should keep up with the ongoing trend. You need to update yourself with the current web trends as only then you’ll be able to deliver exactly what your client desires and fulfil the needs of the industry as a whole.
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