Design a Functional Website to Generate Business Leads!

To come up with an effective and an errorless design, you need to consult a web design Dubai expert. However, we are one of the most rated companies in Dubai having a dedicated, qualified and skillful team of web designers.
We believe, following techniques allow a designer/developer to develop an errorless and effective website for your business;
Responsive Design
Firstly, it is to remember that the world has gone mobile and everyone access internet and website through mobile devices. Make sure that your website has a responsive design so that it can adjust to different screen sizes. Ignoring a mobile-friendly design costs potential mobile customers and it can be a big loss to business.
Load Speed
Even if a website is visually appealing but if does not load quickly, it cannot be viewed by everyone. Slow loading pages or website becomes the reason of users’ frustration and they immediately make a switch to other sites. Therefore, it is important that your design is web optimized and does not take more than 7 seconds to load.
A business website must have a very simple navigation system in order to guide a visitor throughout the website. Once a visitor lands on your website, the information for which a visitor access a website, should easily be accessible from every part of the site. Make sure that menus and tabs are prominently located preferably on top and all the pages are properly linked.
Today, websites are accessed by different devices having different resolutions. A website has to be designed meeting the requirements of resolutions. It is, therefore, suggested that the design must be in terms of percentage and not in pixels.
When it comes to develop font, you must select a font type which looks elegant, readable and appears as a professional font. There are many font styles which are not available on every browser, therefore, do not select fancy styles and make the text look good with common and professional fonts.
It is common that people open websites on different browsers and if your design is not compatible with different browsers, you may lose a lot of potential customers. Make sure your design looks good on Internet Explorer as well as on Mozilla Fire Fox or any other browser.
Make sure that your website has no broken links and you must check all the links of your site before uploading on to the server. Broken links do not only increase the frustration of users as well as are the reasons of website’s bad performance on search engine.