Blunders Of A New Website

Mississauga web design helps to increase revenue of a business and raise brand awareness with innovative logo design, branding and website development. Your website should look attractive, interesting and easy to sail in, if you are wanting new customer, new subscribers or if you want to increase traffic and gain repeated visitors in this competitive online world. Lets go through 5 blunders to be avoided in a website design.
Ill-defined navigation. Ill-defined or puzzling navigation can prove to be a big downfall. Visitors may get discouraged and won’t bother to give your business a try if they can’t easily sail their way around. Prefer simple index titles. – like Home, About Us, Services, Contact and Blog, rather than Homepage, My Philosophy, My specialties, Personal Journal Entry, and Write to me. Also remember, place your navigational bar on the top of the page horizontally. It is proved that this format is more user-friendly.
Incorrect order. Things placed either at the beginning or at the end of any list can more effectively draw attention. So place your most important options or items at the beginning of the navigation and the least important in the middle. Contact should be placed at the end of the list, on the right in top horizontal level. This is its standard position.
Hundreds of items on the homepage. Have you ever seen any website having hundreds of links on it’s home page? It would Terrible. Our memory can not store hundreds of items at a time. Fewer menu items will help visitors to avoid scanning past informative items. Each time when you take away a menu item, the remainders become more prominent. So limit your homepage navigation with a few numbers of items.
Turning a blind eye to mobile. It is completely necessary to have a good looking, attractive website that functions perfectly on a computer, but turning a blind eye on how it will look on mobile phones will be absolutely unfair. Tablets and smart phones are the most common source of browsing websites in today’s era. So it is very necessary to be sure that your website is also capable with mobile devices. Ignoring mobile compatibility might destroy half of your potential market.
Moving away. Sometimes it is risky to vary from others. Don’t stray away from the norm while designing your own website. There are several effective old techniques that were tasted and utilized years ago and are proved to be effective and still in use today. For instance, your business logo. It should always be placed on the top left corner of the page, and it should sail visitors back to the home page by clicking on it.
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