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Design a Functional Website to Generate Business Leads!

To come up with an effective and an errorless design, you need to consult a web design Dubai expert. However, we are one of the most rated companies in Dubai having a dedicated, qualified and skillful team of web designers.
We believe, following techniques allow a designer/developer to develop an errorless and effective website for your business;
Responsive Design
Firstly, it is to remember that the world has gone mobile and everyone access internet and website through mobile devices. Make sure that your website has a responsive design so that it can adjust to different screen sizes. Ignoring a mobile-friendly design costs potential mobile customers and it can be a big loss to business.
Load Speed
Even if a website is visually appealing but if does not load quickly, it cannot be viewed by everyone. Slow loading pages or website becomes the reason of users’ frustration and they immediately make a switch to other sites. Therefore, it is important that your design is web optimized and does not take more than 7 seconds to load.
A business website must have a very simple navigation system in order to guide a visitor throughout the website. Once a visitor lands on your website, the information for which a visitor access a website, should easily be accessible from every part of the site. Make sure that menus and tabs are prominently located preferably on top and all the pages are properly linked.
Today, websites are accessed by different devices having different resolutions. A website has to be designed meeting the requirements of resolutions. It is, therefore, suggested that the design must be in terms of percentage and not in pixels.
When it comes to develop font, you must select a font type which looks elegant, readable and appears as a professional font. There are many font styles which are not available on every browser, therefore, do not select fancy styles and make the text look good with common and professional fonts.
It is common that people open websites on different browsers and if your design is not compatible with different browsers, you may lose a lot of potential customers. Make sure your design looks good on Internet Explorer as well as on Mozilla Fire Fox or any other browser.
Make sure that your website has no broken links and you must check all the links of your site before uploading on to the server. Broken links do not only increase the frustration of users as well as are the reasons of website’s bad performance on search engine.

Importance of a Professional Web Designer in Website Developing

The involvement of trained person in any job enhances his or her quality of work. Do you know the reason behind this issue? If you want to understand the importance of the participation of the trained persons in a team, then it would make you overwhelmed. Nowadays, many people are getting certified degree to prepare him or her, the best person to do any particular work. At the time of their learning of any trained work, they become familiar with not only the techniques to do their jobs but also gains knowledge on the particular subject. It is true that your knowledge on a particular subject would make you expert. However, it is also true that without having professional attitude you may fail to implement your knowledge in the finest way. Therefore, you should have knowledge, skills, and attitude to perform better work in your skilled sphere. Your degree in any trade would not only help you in getting suitable jobs, but would make you possible to play an important role in doing jobs in your field. Therefore, it is of clear that a skilled person gains essential knowledge, skills, and attitude too in his or her field by undergoing a specialized training program.
In order to do a team work, one needs to learn more things apart from gaining knowledge or skills. Trained persons gain the skill of working in a team too. They have to develop their cooperative skills in order to do jobs in their particular fields. Therefore, if you have the best options to earn any degree in your choicest field, then it would make you possible to play an important role in your field of work. Nowadays, the skilled persons are involved in most of the service providing fields as well as in the manufacturing fields too. Therefore, if you have the intention to develop yourself in the finest way to work in a team of experts, then your degree would make you possible to make your dreams come true. Therefore, when you would delight to earn a degree in your choicest field, you would get the best advantages too. People delight to get a suitable job; however, when they gain expertise knowledge and skills in their respective fields, they get the best offers from the renowned agencies.
Therefore, if you develop yourself in the best way to be a suitable resource for an agency, it would make you possible not only earning money by joining a job but it would make you confident too in your field of work. It is the best time to be a Freelance Web Designer, as this is a very lucrative field in these days. It is true that people get varied types of scopes to be an important team member in a website developing team, when they deserve expertise knowledge in this demanding field. Therefore, it is crystal clear that to avail not only quality but also Freelance Web Designer Gurgaon, people rely on such a team, where there is involvement of the professionals.

Web Designing Tips and Tricks for a Web Designer to meet the Modern Requirements

Web Designing and development are time taking factor to make more creative and interactive in the web. It became more time consuming when some changes takes place in the running projects. So a web designer needs to work very efficiently to cater the requirement within the time and built good reputation in the competitive market. A web designer has to find out the efficient web tricks for the advance and modern requirement. There are some tricks which are repeating in almost every project and in some projects designer need to experiment in new tricks to get the solution quickly in a new way. The most important thing for a designer is to provide the right information and catch the visitors within five second of their landing and they did not get engaged with the website they definitely click on the back bottom. It’s the duty of a designer to drag visitors and provide them the right information. Here are some collections of tricks representing with this article to make the workflow first and output better results.
Use of ultimate Photoshop web designing workspace. Make Useful align and Spacing. Put to the point short messages in the home page. Use Call to action in the page. Building trust by presenting free shipping and a great return policy. Keep the page content fresh and clean.Add Social Medial Icons with links. Make the page in web 2.0 format for more users friendly. Add videos to the page. Maintain security for online transaction. Design should be SEO friendly. Don’t use long page forms. Target only to your niche not to everyone. Don’t use flash and frame in web page. Make the web page both web and mobile compatibility. Responsive design is important factor.Monitor site performance.
All the above points are the basic important point for a designer to follow at the time of deigning. Converthink is a web designing company, which provides website designing, template designing, logo designing, web development and digital marketing services. We have expert and skilful designers to face any types of challenges from you. On time delivery with creative design in economic price is our main objective.

All About Responsive Web Design

All know that, in this universe, the earth is the only planet that supports life. To our wonder, this terrestrial zone is now dominated by an excessive range of lifeless gadgets. Can you ever imagine a single day in your life without your smart phone or laptop or any of your favorite gadgets? If you forget to carry these things then everything will feel upside down! Yes, that is the kind of revolution that these devices have instilled in our life. This is the reason why the function of web designers have augmented intensely in this modern era. This is due to the technological expansion as it is resulting in the increase in devices.
In this modern era, websites are becoming very important to prove your business potential and your website can be viewed from any gadget ranging from a small device to the large desktop. There are many companies that involve in presenting web pages that fits the size of all types of devices. And, at that point, comes the compelling need of a “RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN”.
A responsive website is one that helps business to create a striking user experience by optimizing the web pages for a widespread category of devices. These reduce the need of expensive development methods that are gadget specific. This progressive approach puts a conclusion to the restrictions of the physical page and encourages web designers to create dynamic designs that can re-arrange, re-size and re-position appropriately depending on the size of the user’s screen.
There comes the need of assembling web pages that fits these multiple devices with the surfacing of many internet-capable devices such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, netbooks, and tablets along with the assorted range of screen resolutions.It is the newest innovation based on the specific needs in the web site designing and development province. The basic purpose is to design websites and applications that are accessible to the environment based on the platform, screen size and orientation. Basically, it is a combination of fluid images, flex grids, layouts, CSS media queries and much more. All of these enhances the user experience in terms of problem free readability and navigation.
It is a web grid system that enables the designers to utilize the real screen designs on the big screen and maintain the same tremendous design on the smaller screens. This system is a combination of a baseline grid and a typographic grid into a single resolution-independent scaffold.
It can also be called as flexible images. Basically, this is a significant part of a responsive website. These types of images always revolves through your document and replaces the images in support of a transparent GIF, and after that, it pertains the ALPHA IMAGE LOADER property to each image. This function actually helps in resizing and repeatedly revising the proper script with a proportional width and height of the image and amends the spacer graphic consequently. This function is regarded as one of the most challenging attribute of a responsive web design.
This type of web design has abridged the strenuous work of ingenious web designers and provides the exact room for their creativity to pour in discovering various other web wonders.

Do You Know The Difference Between Web Design And Web Development?

In this modern technological era, having a website is the most attractive and effective way to ensure the presence on the site that helps the one to boost its business efficiently. There are two words i.e, web development and design come in our mind, when we consider the creation of a business sites. Many people use these two words interchangeably, but the reality is that development and web design are really two different terms. They have different standards, goals and philosophies behind them.
Here we discuss some important things about of them prove that web development and design are different from each other, but both are essential and also work side by side for a site building.
Web Design:
Web design is a process of visualizing and utilizing all the applications and tools created for web development process. It is the customer-facing part of a website. A good designer is always concerned with how a website looks and how the customers interact with it. Professional web designers know how to use several basic principles to get an aesthetic and appealing look of the websites. They also create attractive and efficient frameworks for social networking sites and blogs that will take the websites one step further to create a masterpiece of a web design.
Web Development:
Web development is the back-end work of the website that consists of programming and interactions on the web pages. A developer focuses on how a website works as well as how the customers get things done on it. Professional developers are responsible for taking a graphic layout that is often provided with Photoshop, illustrator or other designing applications. They also know how to program the scripts of a website by using the required language such as PHP, JavaScript and mySQL etc. In a development process, developers fulfill both the needs of design and functionality of programming to make the website more dynamic and ever-lasting.
We have discussed some important things about of them prove that web development and design are different from each other, but both are essential and also work side by side for a website building.

How To Avoid Common Mistake Designers Make?

Everyone learns from their mistakes, so making mistakes unintentionally is not actually wrong. Because everyone says if you are making little mistakes unintentionally then you are on the right path and this will even help you to learn new things. Every designer makes some silly and common mistakes, which can be easily avoided. Following are some tips to avoid those mistakes.
Always Choose The Right Navigation: If your clients cannot easily navigate your site, then they will surely irritate and leave it. So always try to put the right navigation system, so one can easily go to the required page from any page on your site.
Don’t Forget To Provide Contact Details: Most of the designers, usually forget to provide the complete detail about the company name, number or email address so, customers face many difficulties while making contact. And this will also reduce your number of customers, which is not good for any business.
Always Put Social Sharing Buttons: Social media has now become the best way to promote your business or to contact with your customers from all over the world. If you really want to attract a huge traffic to your site and want to make a good customer relationship, so don’t forget to put the social sharing button to your site.
Don’t Make It So Gaudy: Always keep in mind that your website makes the first impression of your company on the customer’s mind, so don’t make it so gaudy. Always choose the correct theme and color for your site.
Always Present In An Attractive Manner: It’s true that perfection is must to work professionally, but sometimes it makes your user bore. It really doesn’t mean make mistakes it simply means putting your information in an attractive way. So don’t need to do everything in a perfect and simple manner, always try to make it unique and attractive as well. For example, you can say if you put all your content in a straight line, so your customer will definitely get bored. But if you put the right information in a unique way, so they never stop themselves from reading it.
Don’t Put Too Much Text In One Line: Don’t make long sentences, because they are quite tough to read and make your customer bore as well. Always try to put your information in simple, sweet, professional and short manner. So your customers can easily read and understand it.

Ways to Check out the Creativity of the Web Page Designer

Planning to revamp the look of your website, then you definitely need to hire the services of a good web page designer who is skilled, competent and capable enough to get you the desired results which will make your online venture be truly wonderful and reach new heights of success. However, getting the designer from a reputed agency is definitely a good thing as there you will find true credibility and also you will be happy to know that only reputed, experienced and expert professionals will do the job perfectly well and in true elan. But what is most important above all, is that the creative check of the designers is something which can make all the difference and get you the revamped site which you have always dreamt off, and the key factors to judge the creativity of the web page designer is simple and the points below is going to make the analyses simple and vivid. So read on and make sure that you hit on the targeted point and select the best company with the most skilled web page designer working with his team who will make sure that the website has the edginess, appeal and professionalism as desired.
Talk and ask for samples
One of the clear and sure shot ways to access whether the web designer is right for you and creative enough to make your dream vision come true is to talk to them about your requirements and see whether they are capable enough to meet up with your vision or not. Therefore, talk to the designer, ask him for sample sketches and then only will you get a proper analysis of whether the person is fit enough to handle your website in the best way, so that the designing has the impeccable edge of perfection which you so desire.
Portfolio and the creative spurge
The other thing which should be noted here is that the portfolio is ample proof about the creativity of the web page designer working under the banner of the company. When a good designer works then the results will definitely come across in the portfolio which will talk about the capability of the team and will also help you to access and judge about the creative spark which they have. Therefore, when you are interested to have a view of the work the designer does, then you surely need to look into the portfolio before making an assessment and judgment on the skill of the designer.
Exchange of ideas
One of the most foolproof ways of judging whether the web page designer is competent and capable enough to do the job or not, is to talk to the designer itself and know what are the ideas and vision that they have for your website. By this exchange of ideas not only will you get to know a lot of things which is going to work for your site but you will also be clear in your vision about the capability and expertise of the web page designer.
So, go ahead and make your best pick of the web page designer and hire their services only through a reputed web designing company, who have been in this arena for a pretty long time.

Some Reasons To Create Your Own Website

To grow in this competitive world, the first thing you need to do is create your own brand in the national and international market. For this, you need to create your company’s website. By creating your own website, you will able to come to know from your customers or even with your competitors. In today’s time, a website is a medium to connect with your customers.
If you create a website then you are able to sell your products worldwide, which really help to grow your business. This may also help you to attract customers from all over the world which increases your sale and profits as well. No matter, you have a big or a small organization a website is a must for you to excel in this competitive world. There are some reasons to create your website are as follows.
24 Hours Access: One of the major reasons to create your website is that it earns for your business even when you sleep. This is because your site is always on and customers can place their order anytime 24 hours 7 days, so you can even earn when you sleep. It is good for a business person and beneficial for customers as well because if they want to buy something they don’t need to wait till the time a store gets open.
Save Money: Creating your website is not as much expensive as you may think. It’s a one-time investment for your business and gives you good result in the future or in a lifetime. It’s a convenient way to promote your business worldwide.
Global Access: Another important reason to create your own website is that it has a global access. So you are able to sell your products or services in the national and international market as well.
Increase your Goodwill: If you have a company’s own website it may not only help you to give business from all over the world but also make your reputation in this competitive world.
Save Time: Providing complete information individually to each and every person in front or on call takes time. By creating a website this work gets simpler because the complete information about products or services is easily available on it.
Increase Sales and Revenue: As you can easily get in contact with your customer from all over the world, so it may help to increase your sales and profits which result to grow your business.

Web Designing – A Vast Field To Know About!

It is a fun activity to deal in a profession that is trending immensely all over the world. Web designing at Denver is one such profession that people are opting for these days. The main purpose to do so is the need to promote the business online to attract people and therefore promote the business all over the universe. Denver web designers play an important part in promoting the business and is also helping in reflecting the actual image of any company.
Styling web is quite fun. It is undeniably an essential process which makes it an important means to achieve the better promotions for any company. For many people, it is an easy way to solve many problems. For the countless net surfers out there, it is an online business and presentation of a company that makes a first impression of your business and credibleness. The key issue in web designing is to give people a worthy experience. When they look at your website they must feel that they are watching something worthy. They must get such an experience that they feel willing to visit website again and again.
No doubt, web designing is a crucial part of any company. It is thus an important decision to find a specialized professional that can add quality to the company’s website. Designs concept must not be difficult to find out. You just need a right person who is ready to implement all those creative ideas into attractive website. A professional web designer must be able to show his knowledge and technical know how in turning concepts into reality. Getting ideas is easy. You can get it from the recent style trends and communication ideas by searching into your competitors website. Check their ideas for their sites and see to it that you make a unique and different website that nobody has adopted. Make your final approach and make sure you allot it to the web designer correctly.
When you are making your own website page, make sure to keep the limited things on that page. You do not want to confuse people with what you actually deal with, right! So, just add the few things that are of the foremost importance. Cut down the information into few essential sections and make sure you do not forget to mention any of the important info that can attract the customers to the website. It is a tough task to trim down the information into something that holds all the information, but without presenting the unwanted information.
Another important factor that a web designer must understand is the level of attraction. It is the duty of the web designer to create such a website that can attract as many users to its site. Besides making website a stylish one and adding all those funky fonts and amazing color themes, it is also important to provide a unique and impressive content for a website that can engage people most of the time and make them willing to read and know more about the company.

Blunders Of A New Website

Mississauga web design helps to increase revenue of a business and raise brand awareness with innovative logo design, branding and website development. Your website should look attractive, interesting and easy to sail in, if you are wanting new customer, new subscribers or if you want to increase traffic and gain repeated visitors in this competitive online world. Lets go through 5 blunders to be avoided in a website design.
Ill-defined navigation. Ill-defined or puzzling navigation can prove to be a big downfall. Visitors may get discouraged and won’t bother to give your business a try if they can’t easily sail their way around. Prefer simple index titles. – like Home, About Us, Services, Contact and Blog, rather than Homepage, My Philosophy, My specialties, Personal Journal Entry, and Write to me. Also remember, place your navigational bar on the top of the page horizontally. It is proved that this format is more user-friendly.
Incorrect order. Things placed either at the beginning or at the end of any list can more effectively draw attention. So place your most important options or items at the beginning of the navigation and the least important in the middle. Contact should be placed at the end of the list, on the right in top horizontal level. This is its standard position.
Hundreds of items on the homepage. Have you ever seen any website having hundreds of links on it’s home page? It would Terrible. Our memory can not store hundreds of items at a time. Fewer menu items will help visitors to avoid scanning past informative items. Each time when you take away a menu item, the remainders become more prominent. So limit your homepage navigation with a few numbers of items.
Turning a blind eye to mobile. It is completely necessary to have a good looking, attractive website that functions perfectly on a computer, but turning a blind eye on how it will look on mobile phones will be absolutely unfair. Tablets and smart phones are the most common source of browsing websites in today’s era. So it is very necessary to be sure that your website is also capable with mobile devices. Ignoring mobile compatibility might destroy half of your potential market.
Moving away. Sometimes it is risky to vary from others. Don’t stray away from the norm while designing your own website. There are several effective old techniques that were tasted and utilized years ago and are proved to be effective and still in use today. For instance, your business logo. It should always be placed on the top left corner of the page, and it should sail visitors back to the home page by clicking on it.
The innovative and affordable web design Toronto firm provides clients the responsive websites that helps to raise the brands and convert visitors into customer. It is expert in web development, logo and graphic design, branding, search engine optimization and e-commerce solutions.

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